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Godfather of Harlem resurrects our heroes of the past



We are familiar with the story of Bumpy Johnson. He was known for being in control of the drug trade in Harlem from ( ) but what is the beauty of the new drama, Godfather of Harlem, starring Forrest Whittaker is that it pulls in some of our most revered heroes and gives light to their perspective during the late 1960’s.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Whittaker comments

 I thought it was very interesting to look at criminality, the civil rights movement, and politics all in the same prism of the day. At the same time, some of the protests that were going on during that movement about human rights, profiling, violence and brutality done by the government, these are issues being explored by different groups today. In this way, we were able to put a mirror up to what was happening…. There was a lot of research that was done to try and maintain some sort of connection to the actual facts. And then it’s “inspired by” as well, but we tried to stay as true to the story as we could and the actual facts are constantly being brought up and serving as motivating actions.

Godfather of Harlem Season 1 Episode 101: By Whatever Means Necessary

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