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CEO of The Mane Choice Creates a $300 Million Fund for Women Entrepreneurs



The past decade has seen a lot of people make entrepreneurs out of themselves often with just hope and a dream. Although “hope” and a “dream” are necessary for developing a business, funding for it is quite nearly the next important element. 

During the last ten years, the amount of women entrepreneurs has increased exponentially, but the funding for their businesses has not. CEO of The Mane Choice, a natural hair care brand, Courtney Adeleye, has created a fund with $30 million of her own money to change that. 

No stranger to what it means to be a woman entrepreneur Adeleye wrote on her Instagram page, “A few years ago I said on national television on the @iamsteveharveytv show…..that I was going to create as many female BAW$ES as I can,” and she is currently on her way to doing just that. 

With her partnership with the beauty company, MAV Beauty Brands, Adeleye was able to create the Generational Advantage Fund which, according to its website, will focus on six areas: financial literacy, capital, mentorship, scholarships, resources and support, and housing. 

The fund will attempt to bridge the wealth gap between women and men and promote generational wealth among women. 

“Women have proven that they can start and sustain viable businesses, but there is still a gap in the funding and support they receive versus their male counterparts,” according to the Generational Advantage Fund website. 

The Generational Advantage Fund is currently developing, but Adeleye has encouraged people to get involved via its website. 

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