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Queen Cassie tells us why she Buys Black – Gives Black – Loves Black


Cassieopia is a name that a mother gives their daughter when they know that her purpose is out of this world. Cassieopia, according to legend was an Ethiopian queen, who after her death was changed into a constellation and placed in the northern sky. Cassieopia Sledge, co-founder of The Black Mall is working toward propelling Black business owners into the stratosphere by connecting them to communities of color and helping them secure the lions share of the more than 1.3 trillion dollars in Black spending power.

Cassie started the Black Mall more than 3 years ago out of a desire to explore her neighborhood and patronize businesses that employed people in the community that reflected its demographic. While in college Cassie’s email marketing business was successful. She amassed hundreds of business contacts and was able to parlay her success into, The Black Mall. The Black Mall sends out 1400 hundred e-mails per year and is connected to more than 400 small businesses. Cassie and her partner are able to create excitement for small businesses by organizing “Money Mob’s”. Money Mobs are events that take place on Wednesday’s (low revenue days for small businesses), and cost as little as ten dollars to buy into. Participants are e-mailed information on a particular business and are encouraged to support local businesses. Money Mobbers tweet, post pictures, and most help create a recurring revenue stream for small businesses.

Cassie’s long term goal is to create a “Target-esque” experience for shoppers in a holistic space. She would like to open a brick and mortar location that offers one stop shopping for everything that one might need. Cassie believes that the Black dollar is a powerful bargaining tool that should be used to benefit people of color. She believes that people that want to effect positive change in the Black community need to boycott by redirecting their dollars from big box stores to Black owned businesses. In an effort to help steer money away for ultra conservatives like the Koch brother, Cassie sells a “necessities box” that includes, toilet tissue, paper towels, body soap and deodorant all produced by African Americans.

Support Cassie and Black businesses by liking her Facebook Page
and attending a Money Mob Event.

Give to her initiative at:

Pick up a Black Manufactured Necessities Box at the Culture Connection located at 400 W.71st St., Chicago, IL

The Black Mall • BRIJ Embassy • Bean Soup Times will be putting together a Black Biz Directory to be distributed out to these attendees.


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