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Featured Youth – Cecil Wilson, CEO of Goffers, Inc.

If the future is in the youth then we are on the right path with Cecil Wilson, 18 year old virtuoso from Chicago Heights. Cecil graduated from Bloom Trail High School in June 2014 and within less than a year has already began to develop what promises to be a successful franchise model. Goffers, is an on-demand service for the busy entrepreneur, elderly or everyday person with one too many tasks to handle. From grocery shopping to light housekeeping to messenger services, Cecil developed Goffers to be the errand service that comes to mind when you are in the South Suburbs. What impressed us enough to write this article on Cecil was not just his extremely ambitious nature, it was his humbleness and acknowledgement of the importance of giving back, even though he is really just beginning. We took time to ask Cecil 5 key lessons that he would share with other young adults eager to make their impact on the world.


What made me become who I am today?
What my family exposed to me at an early age, sometimes we couldn’t feed ourselves but my dad would take us expensive hotels to expose us to another side of life. He was a radical. Growing up like that, I knew what I wanted in life. That level of exposure will speak to you.   The limits are in your mind. When you go back home after being downtown you see how small home really is…it opens your mind to the bigger picture. I knew that I wanted more for myself at an early age and I was willing to do what I needed to in order to get it done.


What inspired him to start?

I’ve know I wanted to start this business since freshman year of high school. Back then it was called the CW Errand service. I had a level of passion for it. I knew the business was going to be done I just didn’t know when.   While I was in high school I worked at JC Penny’s so I didn’t really have the time to focus on it…but the passion kept flaring. I worked at 2 dealerships to get the start-up money and in May 2014, right before graduation I launched the business. We first launched in Olympia Fields and by the Fall we were able to expand our services to Matteson.


How can we reach more youth your age?

Make them uncomfortable. You have to put them in a place of discomfort so they have a desire and need to change.

Break the limits. Just as the downtown experienced shaped who I became we have to show youth the possibilities of the world and what they can become.

Educate them. We have to show youth now only that it’s possible to get there but HOW they can get there. We must be the road map.


His goals for Goffers this year?

To expand the Goffers brand throughout the South Suburban area. He also wants to work with schools, park districts and townships more, envisioning Goffers as an active business in the community. “I want to be known by not just what services we offer but what we did in the community.”


He closes the interview with a level of optimism that is refreshing and inspiring.

“I tell anybody this, it’s a level of passion you have to have for it. You have to have a heart for it to sustain, otherwise don’t waste your time. It’s a gift that God gives you in your area. My future is already confirmed. God has already told me where I am going to be.”

Do you love Cecil as much as we do? Help us support this outstanding young man by supporting his business! (708) 414-6148

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Featured Youth – Cecil Wilson, CEO of Goffers, Inc.

If the future is in the youth then we are on the right path with ...